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Doing business in Vermont and beyond, thriving in Rutland

Something exciting is happening in Rutland.  Led by the continued success of a diverse group of world class companies, the region is seeing a surge in optimism and pride.  Located in one of the most beautiful parts of Vermont, the Rutland region boasts unlimited access to recreational opportunities, great schools, a thriving historic downtown, and very affordable real estate – both commercial and residential.  Rutland supports businesses of all kinds, some with world renowned names like GE Aviation, Killington Resort, and Castleton University; businesses with proud histories dating back generations like Foley Distributing, Ryan, Smith & Carbine, and the Rutland Herald; as well as companies developing innovative customer solutions such as Casella Resource Solutions and the GMP Energy Innovation Center.  Rutland area businesses credit the region’s dedicated workforce, affordable real estate, and business supportive climate as factors in their ongoing success. Today these great companies are serving Vermont and beyond while thriving in Rutland.


Visit these companies in the Rutland Row:


Casella Resource Solutions:

Founded in Rutland in 1975 and today with over 170,000 customers in 40+ states, Casella is a leading provider of waste and recycling services to residential, commercial, industrial and municipal customers.



Castleton University:

Castleton University has more than 400 community partnerships in and around Rutland County, providing unique opportunities to students and businesses.



Foley Distributing:

Foley Linen, Founded in 1879 is the oldest family run laundry in the United States and Foley Distributing established in 1973, is Vermont’s premier distribution company offering commercial and industrial solutions, service and training.



GE Aviation:

GE Aviation has had a presence in Rutland community for over 60 years.  Our Rutland plant is a world leader in the making of precision combustor, and Low Pressure Turbine jet engine and turbo shaft airfoils.  Rutland parts are on every military application and all the major commercial applications in the world.



Green Mountain Power:

GMP is focused on a new way of doing business to meet the needs of customers with integrated energy services that help people use less energy and save money, while continuing to generate clean, cost-effective and reliable power in Vermont.



Killington Resort:

Killington Resort has been a world-class destination for East Coast skiers and riders for over 50 years and now offers adventure during all four seasons in the heart of Central Vermont’s Green Mountains.



Rutland Herald / Business Vermont:

With deep roots in Vermont and a longstanding connection to the local business communities, we provide fact-checked, informative news and information on a regular basis, along with the opportunity to connect to other like-minded professionals at every level.



Rutland Redevelopment Authority:

The RRA was established to reduce the property tax burden on Rutland City’s residential homeowners, redevelop dilapidated and blighted structures, revitalize the commercial and industrial sectors of the economy, and promote economic opportunity for all citizens.



Ryan, Smith & Carbine, Ltd.:

Ryan Smith & Carbine, Ltd. is a full-service law firm with offices in Rutland, Vermont and Glens Falls, New York; our lawyers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to serve Vermont’s people, institutions and businesses.