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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Exhibiting

  • What is included in the booth price? (expand)
    The booth includes:

    • Pipe and drape booth with 8′ high back wall, 3′ high side rails, one skirted 6′ table, 7″ X 44″ ID sign with booth number, waste basket with liner and 2 folding chairs
    • Pre-show marketing with a listing and description on the EXPO Website and in the online program flipping book (available online May 2018)
    • One B2B2GO contact for the pre-scheduled meeting system (meetings will be scheduled during EXPO – Thursday, May 24, 2018 – on the second level trade show floor)
  • As an Exhibitor, what are my responsibilities at EXPO? (expand)
    The official policies and procedures for exhibitors are outlined in the Exhibitor Policies, but some of the main responsibilities include:

    • Setting up your booth before EXPO opens on Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 9:00 am and tearing down your booth no earlier than 4:00 pm on Thursday, May 24, 2018.
    • Staffing your booth at all times throughout Thursday, May 24, 2018.
  • Why are some booths priced at a premium level? (expand)
    Booths at the end of the row or on a corner are priced at a premium level because they are visible from more than one angle or side. Premium booths are indicated on the trade show floor layout with “P” at the end of the booth number.
  • If my booth is not a premium space, how can EXPO guarantee attendees will visit my booth? (expand)
    Changes to the trade show booth layout for EXPO ensure that every attendee will pass by each booth at least once. The EXPO planning team has taken great care and consideration for each exhibitor and has created a floor plan that maximizes visibility for all exhibitors.  The intent is that attendees will follow a distinct, one-way traffic pattern that leads them by each and every booth at EXPO. Limited entrances and exits create a structured atmosphere that provides each exhibitor with the best visibility possible.
  • How can my customers or potential customers find me at EXPO? (expand)
    EXPO attendees are provided with an official EXPO program, in which each exhibiting business is listed with its corresponding booth number. The program also includes a map of the EXPO trade show floor so that attendees can direct themselves to particular booths. The EXPO team also encourages you to do pre-show marketing to alert your customers where to find you during EXPO.
  • How many sales can I expect to make at EXPO? (expand)
    Many exhibitors find that the leads they make and follow-up on result in sales and orders long after the show is over. Often, the number of orders taken at the show is determined by the type of business and whether or not it lends itself to an on-site order.  Cash sales and the exchange of product on the trade show floor are NOT permitted. Most exhibitors use EXPO as a chance to meet potential customers, to launch or show a new product, or as a public relations tool to align a face and a handshake with a business that often uses radio and newspaper advertising and written correspondence. EXPO exhibitors may find that attendees call months after the show and say, “I saw you at EXPO.”
  • How can I prepare for EXPO? (expand)
    Go into EXPO with a pre-, at- and post-show game plan. To make the most of your EXPO experience, plan targeted pre-show marketing. Set goals for EXPO, including how many new contacts you hope to make, how many existing customers with whom you hope to visit, and what new resources you can find for your business from the other exhibitors. Once EXPO is over, make post-show contacts; thank people for visiting your EXPO booth and encourage them to do business with you! Exhibitors who plan for EXPO get the most out of their experience.