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TD Bank Innovation Institute Seminars
#1: 11-11:50 AM; #2: 1-1:50 PM; #3: 2-2:50 PM; #4: 3-3:50 PM
Amphitheater, Diamond I & II, FREE (courtesy of TD Bank)
The following seminars are free for attendees courtesy of TD Bank. These sessions are open to all Expo attendees and seats will be available on a “first come first serve” basis. These are NOT ticketed sessions and seats are not guaranteed. Please plan to arrive early to grab a seat.

11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

  • Amphitheater (First Floor) – “The Future of Marketing and Business is Improv”
    Mass marketing used to be so easy. Get your pitch together, get an ad on TV, and…done. Today’s communications and marketing environment demands more. Social media and direct involvement with your customers mean that “a script” no longer fits the bill. Today’s front-line, customer service, and marketing employees need good improv skills to excel. Using a hands-on workshop format, this session will allow you to practice improv skills that will make you a better marketer right away. Learn the basics of “the offer,” and how to apply “yes, and.” Gain the perspective of “if this is true, why is this true?” Learn to innovate with “if this is true, what else is true?” Participants in this workshop will leave with useful skills, get practical tips about getting agreement among teams, and have a bit of fun in the process.
    Presenters: Natalie Miller, David Weaver, Vermont Comedy Club, Orton Family Foundation

1:00 PM - 1:50 PM

  • Amphitheater (First Floor) – “Big Hearts vs. Big Budgets: Adventures in Cause Marketing”
    It’s no secret that Vermont businesses have a long tradition of setting the bar for corporate social responsibility. But in 2018, it feels like everything is tied to a cause and it’s become increasingly difficult to stand out from the pack when using your entrepreneurial superpowers for good. The biggest challenge of “cause marketing” is to give more than money and deliver a sincere and authentic effort that is a winning proposition for the nonprofit group you support, the community and your business. This presentation will help business owners discover how to keep good intentions from falling flat. Whether you’re a solopreneur in a niche market or big corporation with a global reach, giving with heart and purpose can boost consumer associations and make community giving their most cost-effective form of advertising.
    Presenter: Abbie Tykocki, Burlington Telecom, Booth 22

  • Diamond Ballroom I (Second Floor) – “How Leaders Can Engage All Employees to Create Change”
    Most CEOs *say* they want their company to work like a team. And employees say that they want a voice in matters. Yet, when it’s time for CEOs and senior managers to listen and for employees to offer innovative ideas, oftentimes, both groups fail. Attendees will gain insights into their own strengths and blind spots as team players. How well are they able to let go and delegate to others? Are they willing to speak up and participate in a team setting, even when others might judge them harshly? What better way to learn about engagement than by doing it? We’ll role-play team dynamics and reflect on how to step outside of our comfort zones. By understanding where they personally shine, and where they have room for growth, participants will be able to bring that awareness to their company.
    Presenter: Jason Lorber, Aplomb

  • Diamond Ballroom II (Second Floor) – “10 Low-Cost Benefits Your Employees Actually Want”
    We are in the middle of a talent war. Vermont employers are competing hard to attract and retain qualified employees. At the same time, health insurance costs continue to rise, leaving little room for expanding other benefits. What’s an employer to do? It turns out there are a number of creative, low-cost benefits available that employees actually want! Come hear about 10 ways to differentiate your employee benefit lineup to make your firm the employer of choice in the marketplace.
    Presenter: Sena Meilleur, OneDigital Health and Benefits

2:00 PM - 2:50 PM

  • Amphitheater (First Floor) – “Your Website Should Be Your Best ROI”
    Your website should be your best business investment, not an expense. The senior team of Eternity, a web development and design agency located in Burlington and Barre, will review how to effectively engage and convert your visitors into customers to ensure a massive ROI. Each slide includes an action item with a recommended online tool to take control after the presentation and begin improving your website ROI! We actively encourage group participation and take a very organic and fishbowl-style approach to our presentation.
    Presenters: Mike Lannen, Craig Chevrier, Eternity

  • Diamond Ballroom I (Second Floor) – “Creating a Mindset for Business Success”
    Learn tips, tools and techniques from over 15 years of coaching from the fields of positive psychology and mind kinetics and more. Taking a whole life approach and building a foundation for your whole life allows you to be strong, clear and focused to create the solid results you would like to see in your business life from creativity to relationships with others and ability to get things done at a higher level. Whatever your business goals, you will hear something to take with you to implement right away that will make a difference to the enjoyment and success you can achieve in your business. Experience how powerful coaching can be and take away ideas that top coaches are using every day to help clients create the business and life they desire.
    Presenter: Kimberly DuBrul, Your Year of Transformation

  • Diamond Ballroom II (Second Floor) – “People, Planet, Profit: Evaluating the Business Case for Solar Power”
    An investment in a solar photovoltaic (PV) array can be an attractive way to address both economic as well as corporate sustainability goals for your business. This session will provide attendees with an overview of the various ways in which Vermont businesses can benefit from a solar project. Attendees will gain an understanding of the key elements that comprise the return on investment, as well as the risks and rewards of different financing mechanisms. The presentation will also provide attendees with an overview of the steps necessary to bring a solar PV project from concept to commissioning. The objective of the session will be to provide attendees with an introduction to everything they need to know to advance a potential solar PV project for their business.
    Presenter: Chad Farrell, Encore Renewable Energy, Booth 49

3:00 PM - 3:50 PM

  • Amphitheater (First Floor) – “Social Essentials: How to Leverage New Social Media Trends for Success”
    Keep pace with the latest social media platform changes to improve your digital communications. Best practices and specific cases will be discussed. Participants will walk away empowered to up their game on social media.
    Presenters: Sara Munro, Alexandra Tursi, Bay Haven Consulting/UVM Medical Center

  • Diamond Ballroom I (Second Floor) – “Health Coaching in the Work Place- A Sustainable Strategy for Tangible Results”
    Have you found that metric measurements and other approaches have moved the bar to a healthier work place? Are you discouraged with current results of your wellness focus and investment? We will share trends and strategies that will honor your work place culture and give you tangible results. Using employee goals to help work life/family life balance is a low-dose way of shifting life-style changes that matter. Learn if this is a sustainable benefit strategy for your employee culture.
    Presenter: Marie Frohlich, The Coaching Center of VT

  • Diamond Ballroom II (Second Floor) – “Effective Harassment Training in the ‘#metoo’ Climate”
    In an era of tight budgets and multiple pulls on our time, many companies have either stopped doing yearly harassment training, or have “checked the box” with a quick on-line session every few years. However, with nearly weekly headline-grabbing sexual harassment allegations coming from every sector and the growth of the “#metoo” movement, human resources professionals are realizing that effective, straightforward and meaningful harassment training is a critical tool — not only to avoid liability, but also to create and maintain a diverse workforce. This presentation will provide you with some guidance on how to make harassment training valuable, memorable and perhaps even enjoyable.
    *Please note, this seminar will end at 4PM.
    Presenter: Heather Rider Hammond, Gravel & Shea PC

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